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Is French pine the most cost-saving option for my project ?

Is pine wood affordable ?

YES - Given its abundance in France and the number of key manufacturers, pine is a competitive species of wood compared to other resinous trees. It is obviously a cheaper option than the traditionally more expensive hardwoods.

For uses where the pine is very exposed, particularly in contact with the ground, autoclave impregnated pine is an attractive solution at a competitive price, if not the most cost-saving option available. Alternative woods with good durability often include hardwoods of tropical origin and resinous trees. These woods undergo innovative processes that are yet to be assessed and are more expensive when compared to the autoclave process.

For structural uses (framework, joinery, covering) autoclave impregnated pine is also the most competitive solution when it comes to fighting against termites. Today it is used in a good third of France and the French overseas territories for this reason.

Finally, for indoor uses including interior design, French pine provides such a wide range of standard products that it is difficult to obtain similar products made from other species without racking up considerable costs.

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Are there different prices depending on the pine species ?

NO - The different pine species are not differentiated and are therefore sold at the same price.

Nevertheless, depending on the region and product type, price differences exist that cannot be explained by the species of pine but by the characteristics of the forest, the size of the trees and above all the scale of the company processing the pine.

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Catégorie : Is French pine the most cost-saving option for my project ?

In terms of overall cost, is pine still an attractive option ?

YES - If we look at the uses for pine which require the most maintenance - in other words where it is very exposed - autoclave impregnated pine provides the ideal solution. The pine can be left unmonitored for at least 10 years and does not need to be replaced until after 50!

Like with any other wood, maintaining the pine's original appearance is the only extra cost, particularly if this involves using a colourless or low-pigment finish.

But often project owners are more than happy with the original appearance of autoclave impregnated wood (green, brown or even grey). The wood keeps well over time as it begins to naturally turn grey, which makes using a finish unnecessary.

Impregnated pine is extremely durable. As such, it is an ideal solution at a very competitive overall cost.

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Catégorie : Is French pine the most cost-saving option for my project ?

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Who are we ?



Who are we ?

French pine is found throughout France and provides an abundant resource of timber and industrial wood in the immediate vicinity of industry players and end users. This website was created by the APEP, l'Association pour la Promotion des Emplois du Pin (the Association for the Promotion of the Use of Pine), which unites all professionals who use French pine, whether in outdoor structures, construction, interior design, logistics or industry.