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We have all seen a pine, even without realising it.

For some people, pine trees go hand-in-hand with sun, sea and scrublands. For others, it is a symbolic tree of the Gascogne region or Corsica. And for some it is a tree of the low mountain regions, capable of growing in the most unexpected of areas.

In any case, we all live with pine trees, sometimes without even knowing it. They are all around us.

Pine trees are used decoratively, in parks, cities, private gardens or on the coast, but they also make up large forests spread out across almost all of France, as seen on the map below.

This map was produced by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) from inventory data gathered between 2005 and 2012.

It marks out the volume of standing timber from "production" forests, for all species of the genus PINUS, by imaginary plots of 20 km by 20 km (400 km2).

It's easy to see why French pine deserves its designation given how much of it is spread throughout the country!




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Who are we ?



Who are we ?

French pine is found throughout France and provides an abundant resource of timber and industrial wood in the immediate vicinity of industry players and end users. This website was created by the APEP, l'Association pour la Promotion des Emplois du Pin (the Association for the Promotion of the Use of Pine), which unites all professionals who use French pine, whether in outdoor structures, construction, interior design, logistics or industry.