Everything about the pines

A material that has stood the test of time

French pine trees have been the lifeblood of French businesses for many generations.

Historically, they have been used for very extreme and diverse reasons thanks to their productivity, strength and durability once impregnated.

French pine wood has often been used for:

  • Mining timber for supporting caves;
  • Railway sleepers;
  • Telephone and electric poles;
  • Framework for half-timbered houses;
  • Indoor and outdoor joinery work;
  • Timber formwork concrete in building
  • Shoring for trenches in public works
  • Bank support
  • Grapevine stakes
  • Crates, pallets and various packaging (electric drums, for example)
  • Tool handles
  • Furniture
  • Blocks for heavy industry
  • Decorative items


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Who are we ?



Who are we ?

French pine is found throughout France and provides an abundant resource of timber and industrial wood in the immediate vicinity of industry players and end users. This website was created by the APEP, l'Association pour la Promotion des Emplois du Pin (the Association for the Promotion of the Use of Pine), which unites all professionals who use French pine, whether in outdoor structures, construction, interior design, logistics or industry.