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The different species : The different species of French pine

pins_maritimeMaritime pine 

  • Scientific name: PINUS PINASTER
  • Other names: maritime pine, cluster pine
  • Distribution area: Western France, Atlantic Spanish coast, Mediterranean
  • NB: may be confused with the Aleppo pine or Turkish pine



Photo credits: CRPF Aquitaine, FCBA


pins_sylvestreScots pine 

  • Other names: Northern pine, Auvergne pine, Geneva pine, Scots pine or Riga pine
  • Distribution area: Temperate and Boreal Europe to Eastern Siberia
  • NB: its smooth and ochre-red bark in the upper part of the trunk makes it very recognizable

Photo credits: ONF, FCBA


pins_noirBlack pine 

  • Scientific name: PINUS NIGRA subsp. nigricans
  • Common name: Austrian pine
  • Distribution area: Southern Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa
  • NB: many varieties exist including Corsican pine, a subspecies of black pine




pins_laricioCorsican pine (see black pine) 

  • Scientific name: PINUS NIGRA subsp. laricio
  • Distribution area: Corsica, Mediterranean Basin
  • NB: Corsican pine is a subspecies of black pine. There are two common subspecies: the Corsican pine and the Calabrian pine

Photo credits: JP CHASSEAU and M. KACZMARD for the ONF


pins_a_crochetsMountain pine 

  • Scientific name: PINUS UNCINATA
  • Other name: creeping pine
  • Distribution area: mountainous regions of Europe
  • NB: recognized by some as a subspecies of the mountain pine, PINUS MUGO. Not very workable.

Photo credits: M. DEDIEU and C.GAILLARD for the ONF, FCBA


Image manquanteMugo Pine

  • Scientific name: PINUS MUGO
  • Other name: mountain pine
  • Distribution area: mountainous regions of Europe
  • NB: small bushy tree, decorative species



pins_alepAleppo pine

  • Other names: white pine, white pine of Provence, Jerusalem pine, Calabrian pine
  • Distribution area: Mediterranean basin
  • NB: tree with a somewhat crooked growth found in small volumes; a few attempts at forestry have been made

Photo credits: M. DEDIEU for the ONF, X. VARELA


pins_cembroSwiss Pine 

  • Scientific name: PINUS CEMBRA
  • Other names: Swiss stone pine, Arolla pine
  • Distribution area: Europe's highest mountains (above 1700 m)
  • NB: tree with a relatively crooked growth, used for making small objects and for cabinetmaking

Photo credits: PHOTORANDO84, M. DEDIEU for the ONF


Image manquanteParasol pine

  • Scientific name: PINUS PINEA
  • Other names: Italian stone pine, umbrella pine
  • Distribution area: Mediterranean basin, particularly Spain
  • NB: tree with a relatively crooked growth, forested mostly for its edible pine nuts



pins_saltzmanSalzmann pine (see black pine) 

  • Scientific name: PINUS NIGRA subsp. Salzmannii
  • Other name: Cévennes pine
  • Distribution area: France (Languedoc-Roussillon only), Italy
  • NB: Salzmann pine is a subspecies of black pine. This pine is very rare but scientists are interested in its drought resistance in the event of global warming.



Image manquanteWeymouth Pine 

  • Scientific name: PINUS STROBUS
  • Other names: white pine, soft pine
  • Distribution area: tree of American origin, introduced in Europe in 1705
  • NB: large tree, more often found in parks than forests



pins_taedaTaeda Pine

  • Scientific name: PINUS TAEDA
  • Other names: loblolly pine
  • Distribution area: originally found in the south-eastern region of the US, a few plantations in Aquitaine (not a significant quantity)
  • NB: compared to the maritime pine, this tree is straighter but more sensitive to drought, requiring richer soil.

Photo credits: VILMORIN



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Who are we ?



Who are we ?

French pine is found throughout France and provides an abundant resource of timber and industrial wood in the immediate vicinity of industry players and end users. This website was created by the APEP, l'Association pour la Promotion des Emplois du Pin (the Association for the Promotion of the Use of Pine), which unites all professionals who use French pine, whether in outdoor structures, construction, interior design, logistics or industry.