Everything about the pines

Benchmark projects

Atelier AJA

Carefully designed lasure finger-jointed pine cladding designed to imitate metal sheets

Gites AZCA

B&Bs with silver grey timber overlay and thermally modified wood cladding


Parc de Beauval Zoo

Autoclaved pine used in different ways in outdoor wooden structures at the Beauval park zoo


Hôtel Biscarosse

Located on the seafront, this hotel has a grand terrace made of autoclave impregnated pine


This Cantalien house has a warm and modern feel with its interior wood panelling

Celles sur Plaine

The heart of pine, with gîtes covered in wood


Power plants

Immense structures that use grade 4 impregnated pine wood in unexpected ways!


Camping des Chrysalides

Cabins made entirely of pine located right in the middle of a pine forest on a carpet of needles...


Corolle Pylon

Glulam pine ascends elegantly into the air, supporting a high-voltage line


St Géours School

An original vertical pine cladding, designed to imitate a forest environment


Courant Huchet Nature Reserve

100% pine construction housing the offices of the nature reserve


Loft Bordeaux

Spaces filled with louvre pine wood in the night area of this loft


Marcoussis National Rugby Centre

Large impregnated finger-jointed pine vents to protect the official restaurant of French rugby players


François Mauriac school

A school made of pine in Saint-Symphorien


Mazorel gym

Sports facilities where French pine is the focal point


CFA Mont-de-Marsans

Finger-jointed lasure pine cladding at the Ecole professionnelle des métiers de Mont-de-Marsan (Mont-de-Marsan School of Professional Trades)



Glulam pine beam windows


St Michael's Mound

Grade 4 treated pine strides across the sea at this most popular of French walkways


Pôle optique de Bordeaux

A wavy metal optical illusion achieved thanks to well-designed black lasure pine panelling.


Pessac homes

These low energy homes feature brown impregnated pine cladding


La Piballe restaurant

This seafront restaurant uses impregnated pine for a transparent effect



Pine is used in every way possible in this unique structure


Sabres Ecomuseum

This museum, dedicated to the Landes forest, features a building envelope made of thermally modified pine


Atelier SLC

An original, trellis style structure made of small pine wood boards



An open-air theatre experiment for an immersive pine wood experience



This market leader in roof windows uses French pine


Walygator Rollercoaster

Rollercoasters made of autoclaved pine for a completely reliable structure


National Surfing Federation in Hossegor

Pine is used throughout the indoor layout of this French surfing hotspot


All you need to know about French Pine

French Pine in two minutes

Everything is good in the pine France!

Who are we ?



Who are we ?

French pine is found throughout France and provides an abundant resource of timber and industrial wood in the immediate vicinity of industry players and end users. This website was created by the APEP, l'Association pour la Promotion des Emplois du Pin (the Association for the Promotion of the Use of Pine), which unites all professionals who use French pine, whether in outdoor structures, construction, interior design, logistics or industry.